We offer a wide selection of instrumentals for your next musical project, video production, radio/video commercial, and everything in between.

Finding compositions for your next project can sometimes be an expensive and problematic process. 2 Hot 2 Heavy Productions strives to bridge the gap between you and that sound you are looking for. With an enourmous selection of music at you fingertips, you have the ability to own your own sounds at a very low price.

Why should you own your own music? Not only does obtaining ownership of all parts of your project ensure that your project will always belong to you, it also ensures that the money accumulated from that project will always belongs to you as well. Whether you are a major artist or an independependent video production company, owning your own material will always be a very important factor to your success.



Offering creative video production solutions for all your business needs.

Regardless of if you are looking for a simple 30-second video commercial or if you are looking for a full lenght music video, we offer production services that will provide the support you need to bring your vision to life without leaving a hole your pocket. We take the time to get to know our clients and we stay involved through the entire production process including: storyboarding, creation, filming, editing, post-processing, and even throughout the uploading phase to ensure that all aspects of your project will always be covered.



2 Hot 2 Heavy Studios

For almost a decade we have taken pride in providing the best in audio engineering and post-production mixing & mastering. High end equipment combined with the utilization of proper soundproofing techniques provide our clients with the "major" sound they are looking for, no matter the genre.


Professional Web Designs, Graphics, and Photography

Your website is your resume. It portrays your image, your brand, and your product. Of course you want the most professional design you can get. We offer professional designs from professional designers.

If you need photographers for your next event or wedding, we offer professional services which are custom taylored to fit each specific client or event. We don't just do media, we capture moments in history. Our team of tech savy know-it-alls are equipped to handle tasks in all facets of technology. Scroll down to explore all of the services we offer.

Computer Upgrade Services

Hardware & Software upgrades at a fraction of the cost

Virus Removal & PC Repair

No problem is too big - Data backups included

Mixdown & Mastering Services

No matter where it was recorded, we can mix and master it. Typical treatment process between 24-48 hrs.

Custom Instrumentals

Don't hear what your looking for? We can make you a custom beat to fit your specific niche.

Distribution Consultation

Get your music on iTunes, Rapsody, Amazon, Xbox Music, and over 90+ more distribution platforms.

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